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June 1, 2010

Release: Mira Groupware Version 0.1

Filed under Releases by Max Bossino at 4:47 pm

It is with great pleasure that, after three years of assiduous development - and a little volatility - from our patient yet untiring contributors, we announce the immediate release of Mira Groupware version 0.1.

Despite having a lot more features than we initially intended, this version of Mira should be considered a pre-alpha release, so we ask you not to expect the program to be 100% stable. We are still nurturing it into a fully-fledged platform. That being said, however, we have plugged all of the serious bugs that we encountered in several months of testing, and we have implemented some really useful features which should make the user experience much more intuitive. You never know: you might just forget that you’re running a pre-alpha application, altogether!

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